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Wonder + Light writes about her art and imagery, explaining both her creative process and how it is defined by her life experience both past, present, and future.

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3 Steps for Harnessing Inspiration in Your Creative Process

When I was growing up my childhood bestie (and best friend of nearly 30 years) had an infatuation with Winnie the Pooh that I could never fully understand.  In middle school, she carried a Pooh-themed diaper bag as a purse, because that’s what you do when you’re just dipping your toes into your own individuality--and she wore it proudly. I suppose my gray hairs have lent me the ability to hear the profound intertwined with the simple, because some of the quotes from the movie “Christopher Robin” brought my whole house of cards tumbling down... and those are the moments when I know a new image is being birthed. This is how I cultivate my creative process. These are my 3 steps to harnessing inspiration in your creative process and photography.

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Clouded Perspective: How shifting your perspective can shift your outcome

In photography perspective is everything.  As photographers and creatives we make a living from selling our perspective.   We see what others don’t, we make it reality, and people pay us for that. But what do you do when clouded thinking alters your perspective and renders you stuck?  What do you do when your perspective becomes the very thing that holds you prisoner to your circumstance? You have to shift.

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