Wonder + Light


Wonder + Light writes about her art and imagery, explaining both her creative process and how it is defined by her life experience both past, present, and future.

2019: The Year of Freedom


Happy New Year all! We’re already at the end of the first month and so I’m a little late —get used to it :). I’ve had it in mind to begin blogging again about my conceptual artwork. A growing number of you have asked to hear more about my work and process. I have been listening! But you should know — sometimes it takes every ounce of spare energy just to create after ubering children and all the other responsibilities I have as a wife and mother of 3; mustering words to accompany my work for a post on the various social media platforms sometimes makes my room turn sideways. And sometimes I create for the very purpose of not having words. With my dream being to have my works displayed in galleries, on book covers , and beyond from coast to coast, it will be vitally important for me to better articulate my heart, my process, and my value for those whom it reaches. So without further introduction, across these virtual pages it is my goal to articulate my personal creative process, to inspire authenticity and vulnerability, personal growth and healing, and hopefully energize your own creativity! Nothing would make me happier than to know that my blood, sweat, and tears inspired someone else to pursue their God-given nature to create art in whatever form that takes—and they are countless as the stars!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me give you a brief synopsis of what I pray this new year has in store for me and my family. Without laying my whole life on the table, let me just say that much of 2018 was heavy. It felt something like being tethered to an undefinable weight of sorts. I can’t begin to articulate the number of things adding to that weight, but I can say, that in spite of it all, I could hear the whispered promise of freedom echoing in my heart—a promise that I wrestle to embrace. I identified that echo as my theme for 2019 and I’m excited to say that this piece, which represents that struggle, will be shown at the Paseo Arts Member’s Show tomorrow night (contact me for details!)

At any rate, through the smattering of typos and hurried thoughts (that’s my life y’all) my prayer for this unfolding year was/is that I would learn to navigate what it means to be unbound and fly high without fear of the sun. And with only a loose framework for where I hope these virtual pages will take me, may we embark on this new year sharing our process and connecting on a deeper level—together!

Now if you’ll excuse me…I’m going to go work through this vulnerability crisis I just created for myself.

~Lauren Ashley