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Wonder + Light writes about her art and imagery, explaining both her creative process and how it is defined by her life experience both past, present, and future.

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A Meeting of Minds

Have you ever come face to face with part of your nature that you aren’t friends with?  When that happens how do you respond? It’s uncomfortable coming to grips with your ugly.  One of my uglies is that I’m a big scaredy-cat, though I didn’t acknowledge it for a really long time.  But if there is something I’ve learned recently it’s that it’s better to face my inner demons head on instead of the alternative.  So let’s come to a meeting of minds shall we?

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3 Steps for Harnessing Inspiration in Your Creative Process

When I was growing up my childhood bestie (and best friend of nearly 30 years) had an infatuation with Winnie the Pooh that I could never fully understand.  In middle school, she carried a Pooh-themed diaper bag as a purse, because that’s what you do when you’re just dipping your toes into your own individuality--and she wore it proudly. I suppose my gray hairs have lent me the ability to hear the profound intertwined with the simple, because some of the quotes from the movie “Christopher Robin” brought my whole house of cards tumbling down... and those are the moments when I know a new image is being birthed. This is how I cultivate my creative process. These are my 3 steps to harnessing inspiration in your creative process and photography.

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Baggage: When Did Art Leave the Church?

This last weekend I drove to Mckinney TX both to celebrate the accomplishment and fresh dream of my best friend of nearly 30 years, as well as to be a part of an international gathering of women celebrating their faith in what we know as the IF:gathering. As I drove 3 hours home, tired as i was, I had plenty of time to process and unpack it all. At any rate, last weekend’s talks sparked several conversations in my heart: When did art leave the church?  And what is the point of church at all?

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2019: The Year of Freedom

A growing number of you have asked to hear more about my work and process. I have been listening! But you should know — sometimes it takes every ounce of spare energy just to create after ubering children and all the other responsibilities I have as a wife and mother of 3; mustering words to accompany my work for a post on the various social media platforms sometimes makes my room turn sideways. And sometimes I create for the very purpose of not having words. With my dream being to have my works displayed in galleries, on book covers , and beyond from coast to coast, it will be vitally important for me to better articulate my heart, my process, and my value for those whom it reaches.

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